Website development still seems to be difficult, for individuals but also for small to medium sized businesses. Most of the time they still start with an outdated tool or are even developing all pages in a HTML editor.

This is 2016, there are so many tools that can make life and business much easier.

I have seen and worked with many, and I mean many of those and can say I am comfortable to work with the majority.

But I have chosen to work with just a few as it should also be easy for the individual or the companies to take over after the initial development.

Some of the best (codefree) tools out there:

There are many more, some very simple, to very advanced and most of the time much more difficult to use, like Wordpress. Wordpress is the most used webbuilder but it takes time to get used to and I would say using it as individual or small business is much more cumbersome than using one of the above.

In any listed builder I can get you a headstart by building the structure and first pages, like:

  • Home
  • About
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Other content pages

Contact me for more info and pricing or check out the dedicated website